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Writing Better Sentences
by Louise


Good sentences lead to good paragraphs and essays. Here are some strategies to help you write better sentences. There will be a quiz at the end to help you practice your new skills.


1.      Check subject/verb agreement: One boy runs while many boys run.

2.      Check spelling carefully. Use a dictionary to check, use spell check on the computer, have a friend check and read your paper backward to help focus on each individual word.

3.      Try to avoid tired, general words like nice, pretty and  amazing.  Instead of the nice car, write the black BMW or the pink Toyota Yaris.

4.      Use active voice- John won the lottery instead of The lottery was won by John.

5.      Omit useless words: Mark is a very unique person.  Omit very.

   Did you know that Fred is from Turkey?  Omit that.

  Also, he went shopping too.  Omit also.


Now, do the quiz to put into action your new strategies for better sentences.

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