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Learning from Animals

Learning from Animals—Hamsters
My Son Jerry
by Larry

“Dad,” Cecilia said, “This is Jerry. He will live with us from now on. You should treat him as your son.” I fainted on hearing that. However, after living together for almost three years, I can tell you today that Jerry was so smart, brave, and unbeatable.


Not like what I used to think, Jerry didn’t pee everywhere in his home. Hamster’s feces don’t smell bad, but their urine smells terrible. Jerry’s home was a small cage. He always slept in a certain corner and had a pee in the opposite corner. I noticed that Jerry did this every day without any accident. He was very careful about his living environment and knew how to keep it comfortable.


Everyone says that mice fear cats; however, Jerry didn’t at all. Before Jerry came to my home, there had been a cat, called Wasabi, living with us for many years. Since Jerry became a family member, Cecilia often wanted to let Jerry and Wasabi play together; however, I always strongly opposed such a stupid and horrible idea. I shouted at Cecilia: “You want Jerry to be Wasabi’s dinner?” One day when I came back home, a picture leapt out at me that made me almost faint. I saw Jerry running after Wasabi, and Cecilia running after Jerry. All of them looked so happy. Since that day, Jerry and Wasabi became good friends and played together everyday.


Jerry not just beat a cat only but beat me also. I used to let Jerry have free run of my balcony after dinner. It had gone well and never had an accident happened until one day I found Jerry had disappeared into the air when the free-run time was over. I combed carefully every inch of the balcony, but no Jerry. I beat my brains out but still couldn’t figure out where Jerry went. I thought Jerry wouldn’t come back again. Cecilia sobbed so inconsolably that I wondered if she would feel so sad when her dad died. However, a miracle happened on the third day after Jerry disappeared That morning, Wasabi woke me up and took me to the balcony. “Oh, my god,” I shrieked: “Is that you, Jerry, my son.” Yes, Jerry came back from thin air. He was looking at me with a big smile. To this day, I have never figured out what happened to Jerry and in the following three days.

The average lifetime of a hamster is about two years; however, Jerry lived with us over three. One and half years ago, Jerry left us forever. Everyone in my family misses him very much. Wasabi often sits beside the cage, where Jerry used to live, and gazes at it for a long time. Maybe Wasabi thinks Jerry will be back some day, just like last time.