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Learning from Animals

Learning from Mice—Giving Myself Confidence
by Michelle

Mice often scare me. I usually run away screaming when I see a mouse. I shout and stamp my feet to avoid seeing mice.

I scare mice, too. Mice run away as fast as they can when I approach them. Mice never dare to stay around me.

When we meet each other, the scene would like this: mice and I run away in opposite direction in a panic.

However, mice will never know they scare me and never understand my yelling. Suppose that one day mice figure out I am scared of them. Then, what would happen? They will run after me.

Sometimes I am a “mouse." When I meet someone who is bigger and stronger than me, I usually give up before the competition, because I don’t have enough confidence to beat them. However, learning from mice, I also know that they might think I am the threat.

But, there’s one thing. I need to make sure that the one I meet is a “mouse” not a “tiger," or I will definitely “die”!