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Speedy Cooking

Bulgogi: Marinated Korean Beef
by Rosaria

If you ask me what the most famous dish in Korea is, I would recommend Bulgogi, a marinated beef dish. Bulgogi is the representative and the most common dish in every Korean restaurant. Traditionally, Bulgogi is cooked on a dome-shaped pan that is placed over a charcoal brazier; however, we prefer to cook in a regular fry pan or an electric skillet because of its convenience. Bulgogi is not only tasty and healthy but also very versatile with many kinds of vegetables and noodles.

1lb Thin-sliced Beef
1 medium Onion
1/2 Carrot
4 Mushrooms
5 T Soy bean sauce
2~3 T Minced Garlic
3 T Chopped green Onion
3~4 T Sugar
2 T Sesame Oil
1/2 t Pepper

1. Mix the soy bean sauce, minced Garlic, green onion, sugar, sesame oil, and pepper in a small bowl (Sauce)
2. Slice the vegetables finely.
3. Mix beef with the sauce and vegetables in a large bowl.
4. Wait for the beef and vegetables to get mixed well with the sauce. (Over 10 min)
5. Pour the mixed Bulgogi on the preheated pan.

For more tender beef you may put juice from blended kiwi or pear.
If you are craving sweet taste you may add 1~2 T honey.