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Entertaining Book
The Firm

by Hiromi

I started English with cook books and children’s books. I frequented the library to learn the language and found that some books are simply tough; too many new vocabularies are intimidating, and long, complicated sentences exhausting. But reading should not be torture. Some books are fun and thrilling, easy enough for ESL students.

One of them is The Firm by John Grisham. His sentences are short and crisp. He doesn’t fabricate fancy phrases. Yes, his words are surprisingly easy, and yet have their force. The swift plot drives us from scene to scene without a break, and the suspense keeps us from putting down the book. It is much more exciting than the movie version of the same title. Try the first page, and chances are you’ll finish four hundred pages before you know it.

Learning can be entertaining. Pick up a right book and enjoy the ride. Little by little, English will become a bit easier.