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The Canucks at Home
by James

Hockey is a wonderful sport. Each year players compete for the glory of The Stanley Cup, a trophy etched with the names of the winners. Here in B.C. the ‘nucks are heroes.

The Canucks’ Playoff Drive

Although The Vancouver Canucks have never captured the cup, on and off the ice the humble team has proven themselves winners.

The Canucks recently secured a playoff spot with a spirited win over The Colorado Avalanche. The team’s wholehearted efforts have landed them neck and neck for first in their division, between Calgary and Minnesota. Holding their ground at first in the division would secure third place in the Western Conference, a lofty playoff spot.

Eighth place would do for our star goaltender Roberto Luongo, who will record his first playoff appearance this season. Not satisfied by just squeaking in however, Luongo has his sights set high on bringing home the division. Luongo has performed superbly under pressure of games every other day, bringing home win after win. If there is a Stanley Cup in the Canucks’ future, you can bet he’ll be minding the net.

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice

Off the ice, you’ll find Luongo joining his team mates at Canuck Place, meeting very special children undergoing treatment.

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, founded in 1995, offers palliative or “comfort” care to children with life-limiting diseases. Canuck Place has adopted a philosophy of care, enhancing the everyday lives of the patients through therapy, symptom management and support in fulfilling life’s goals. Individualized care programs are developed ensuring that the patient’s moral and religious beliefs are honoured.

Canuck Place cares for children 19 and under, giving them the freedom they need to explore art, music and free recreation.

The clinical staff at Canuck Place is refining methods of care, working with specialists across BC on pain and symptom management, navigating complex psychosocial issues.

Teen support groups are offered, providing a safe environment to explore issues of adolescence, appreciating the teen’s potential for growth.

For parents of children eligible for care, nearly 30 pamphlets are available discussing the delicate issues of dying and moving forward after the death of a child.

Bereavement counselling is provided to the patient’s entire family.

Recent Canuck Place Development

The Canucks for Kids Fund held its 17th annual telethon Thursday March 1st. The Canucks won the game against the Coyotes that night, and the telethon raised $ 944,958. All involved were pleased with the show of support.

Canucks games can be viewed on Rogers Sportsnet, TSN and CBC. The Canucks are looking to make a hard playoff drive, and they’re well on their way. Tune in!