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Cars and More

Staying on the Road
by Harjit

Gas prices sky rocket

Driving past the gas station on my way home to work, I look at the sign and it says $1.20 per liter. Holy Moly ! The price was only $1.10 this morning. I do a calculation for my SUV. $120.00 to fill the tank.

Global warming

Large vehicles are one of the major causes of global warming. Some feel this is partially responsible for the strange, shifting weather we have experienced over the past months.

How do we solve the problem? Solving it may be difficult, but we can reduce the problem in one special way.

Earth friendly hybrid vehicles

Hybrid vehicles combine two or more sources of power. Hybrid vehicles run off a rechargeable battery and gasoline.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cars?

The advantage of hybrid cars is good mileage, lower emissions (up to 30%), less noise, and long lasting brakes. For example, the brakes can last 150,000 k/m (compared to most cars getting from 30 to 50,000 k/m) and on some cars, batteries go up to 270,000 km or close to10 years before needing a change. Hybrid cars often recover braking energy and use it to charge the battery.

The disadvantages– they still produce emissions, are expensive, are costly to repair, and are not as powerful as gasoline vehicles.

Many people believe that the best hybrid car in the market today is the Toyota Prius.

Toyota Prius— Toyota Prius’s price starts from approximately $32000.00.
The government is giving up to $2000.00 tax reduction when you buy any hybrid vehicle and $ 2000.00 reduction from the actual price, so it's all together $ 4000.00.

Overall, the hybrid cars will save you some money in long term according to the good mileage and long lasting brakes.