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Learning from Animals

Learning from CatsóDistance Makes Beauty
by Larry

Are we really superior to other creatures? Letís come off our perches and see what we can learn from other animals.

People who have owned cats know that cats donít like to get too close to people, even with their owners. Most of the time, cats like to maintain a certain distance, around arms length, between the owners and themselves. With this distance, they can watch you clearly without being touched.

Occasionally, they might jump on your knees and run away when you really wanted them to stay longer.

Thatís what cats do.

You might dislike cats for lots of reasons, but none of them will be because cats stick with you too much.

Unlike cats, dogs seem to be eager to stay with the owners all day. Thatís why I canít imagine having a dog as my pet. I canít afford that the dogs need their owners every minute; or maybe quite the opposite, they think that their owners need them every few minutes.

In our daily life, many of us have had the same experience; that is, if someone sticks with us like a leech, no matter whether they are friends, or co-workers, even a husband or a wife, it will often make us feel tired and upset.

I think if we could behave like cats and leave some room between people, it would make all of us feel more comfortable. At least, one couldnít make a nuisance of oneself.

I believe the saying: Its allure is in its remoteness.