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Learning from Animals

Learning from CatsóPart 2
by Larry

I used to think that cats were the stupidest animals in the world because I had seen almost all kinds of animals could behave after training, even pigs and birds, but not cats. However, Iíve changed this point of view since I got a cat, Wasabi, as a pet. Since I began living with Wasabi, Iíve learned that the cats are among the smartest creatures in the world. Let me tell you why.

I used to farm Wasabi out with my friend when I was away. Once when I brought Wasabi back home after not seeing him for eight months, I wanted to see if he still remembered where our place was, so I unleashed him in the elevator. You know what happened next?

As soon as the elevator door opened on the 14th floor (eight suites per floor,) Wasabi darted out, turned right, stopped at our place, looked around for me, and gave me a meow that seemed to mean: come on, buddy, here we are. Open the door please.

Imagine how surprised and excited I felt at that time.

I have many examples to prove that cats have phenomenal memory and judgment; moreover, they donít like to be controlled by other creatures, even their owners. You think weíre the boss, but in a catís eye, you might just be a roommate. So, donít expect to conquer cats by force or foods. The carrot and stick can enslave many other creatures, including lions and human beings, but it doesnít work for cats.

Be a person of character, like cats; donít bow your head too easily to some trivial lures or threats.