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Accounting 11: A Practical Choice
by Natalia; May 25, 2008



I took Accounting 11 because I needed a credit for my graduation. I had also heard from Helen, who teaches this course, that it is very useful not only for people who pursue a career in accounting, but also for practical use in the everyday life of an average person.

Helenís qualifications also encouraged me to take this course. She has the Bachelor of Business Administration and Masters of Economics degrees and several years of practical experience in conducting her own small business.

Course Basics

In order to take this course, students need to pass the Math 10 level test, to rent a book for $100 ($80 is refundable) and to buy an exercise book for $25. The books are heavy, but they are really good, helpful and will also be used for Accounting 12 course.

Accounting 11 takes place twice a week on Monday and Tuesday and is very time demanding, so you need to be morally prepared for this. Helen teaches very well, clearly explaining everything until everybody understands the subject, but you will have to go through a lot of homework with plenty of writing and calculations.

What Students Learn

Your knowledge of material will be tested nearly every week of through voluminous tests that require quick and attentive work. I can confess that, for me, it was sometimes a stressful situation. However, during the test, you are allowed to have a list with your handwritten memos and, sometimes, you will be allowed to have extra time.

During Accounting 11, students will understand what Accounting is all about, and will be prepared for the Accounting 12 course that also includes computer use, using Simply Accounting software.

Students will learn about special qualities that people need in order to enter this field: attentiveness, accurateness, love for figures and patience for obtaining the desirable balance between debits and credits. They will also learn practical information about banking system and documents. An additional benefit of this course is that, along with actual accounting, you will also practice your English skills.

I would recommend Accounting 11 for a graduation credit, for practical use in everyday life, for brain fitness, and for a good start on the way to the profession in accounting. Good luck!