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Biology 12: Learning about the Human Body
by Ruth; June 9, 2008



I took Biology 12 last year. Itís a knowledge-filled and useful course about the study of life. The course includes a sequence of content from the tiniest cells to the largest organism. It shows a mysterious world of the human body and helps us to form a complete conception about organisms.

Teaching Materials

There are three books: the textbook, the chapter notes, and the Biology Study Guides.

The textbook is college level, so students are required to have at least Grade Ten English. In the textbook, the information is more specific with colourful and interesting illustrations to help students understanding.

The Chapter Notes is a summary, and it is very useful for generalization and memorization after learning the textbook.

The Biology Study Guides is supplementary material based on the former two books. It includes many biological terms and their specific interpretation. It states information more clearly and some questions in it are quite useful for preparation of tests. It is a necessary self-study tool for Biology 12 students. Teaching materials are as important as a second teacher.

The Classroom

Biology 12 is available every Monday and Wednesday morning from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in number four classroom. In the class, the teacherís lecture mainly focuses on Chapter Notes and the textbook. After that, the teacher also play the video about the chapter. It helps students to memorize what the teacher had taught.

Tazim is a kind and very organized teacher. In the beginning of the term, she plans every class of whole term. Students have twelve unit tests, two lab reports, and a final exam. The unit tests are very intensive. Almost every other class is a test!

Two lab reports are interesting and practical. One of them is about vital capacity. Another is about permeability of cell membrane. They are very useful to help students living their life in a scientific way. Students can understand that smoking and inaction are the main reasons for decrease of vital capacity!

Also, the lab results about permeability of cell membrane presents that we can use pure water to keep vegetable fresh. We have lots of interesting things in the class, and we obtain practical knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere. Attending the class helps students to grasp the main points of the course and makes learning more effective.

Biology 12 Topics

The contents are also beneficial for our lives. In Biology 12, students can learn the four main classes of biologically significant molecules, the basic constituent molecules of human body, which are Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipid and Nucleic Acids. After that, Cell Structure and Function, Enzymes and Cellular Metabolism, DNA and Protein Synthesis, the Digestive System, Blood, Respiration, Excretion, the Nervous System, and the Reproductive System are the main content of the course.

These biological contents bring us a big benefit to have a healthier body. The contents also involve large volume of biological vocabularies. Some of them are the names of organs of the human body. Knowing them is very convenient to communicate with doctors. The contents are the reason to attract many students to attend this class.

Teaching materials, classes, and the contents of Biology 12 are interesting and systematic, and they are practical and useful to our lives. After I took Biology 12, I think it has been a good choice for me. Although it was hard to learn Biology 12, I can now feel more confident to talk with a doctor in English now. Moreover, for the common sense Iíve learned, Iím living a healthier lifestyle.