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The Beneficial Course: Civics Studies 11
by Suzanne; May 3, 2008


I am glad that I took Civics 11. This course has provided me with a lot of information regarding democratic, human and citizen’s rights. After taking this course, I now believe that an active citizen can make a difference in the world. I understand better the importance of educating people on how to be global citizens.

The Teacher

Cheryl is the teacher of Civics 11. Her instructions are clear and lively. While talking about citizens’ rights, she encouraged students to write a letter to their MLAs. She mentioned her own complaint to an MLA about an overcrowded class at her son’s school. As a result, the number of students in the class was reduced. This was a real example for people on how to use their rights.

Course Content

A democratic society is based on human dignity. If people respect the rights of other people and have a sense of responsibility for them, they will be able to work for the common well-being in their communities. However, conflicts occur everywhere due to different views and needs. In the present, a democratic society, where decisions are made by the majority, is considered the best one.

The retraction of human rights can lead to grave consequences. According to historical records, some of the human rights have been denied by certain ideologies in the world. As a result, the ugly prejudices—racism, sexism, and religious discrimination—occurred.

For example, Hitler consistently took away economical, political, and human rights from the Jews; over six million Jews were killed in the concentrations camps. The genocide in Rwanda that massacred eighty thousand people and the child labor that bonded one hundred million children into slavery in India and Pakistanis are another examples of human rights denial.

My Personal Experience

Since human rights have been distorted, people have suffered a lot of tragedies. After taking Civics 11 I am convinced that every person should know human rights well and work for their improvement.

I also learned that, as an active global citizen, any individual can make a difference in the world. Everyone should recognize the fact that people live in the “global village." Interconnections and interdependence are inevitable issues of the modern world. The best way of the society development is to take actions that can not only benefit the world community but also reflect on individual lives.

We learned about people who acted as global citizens: Mother Teresa, who devoted her life to founding orphanages and many charitable centers worldwide;12-year-old Craig Kielburger, who organized a “Free the Children” NGO (non government organization) to rescue enslaved children; Nelson Mandela, who fought against racism in South Africa. Both Mother Teresa and Mandela won Nobel Peace Prizes because they made a great difference in the world.

Civic 11 educates people on what methods an active citizen can use to solve the problems and bring about changes. After I took this course, I not only gained information about global issues, but I also realized what the responsibilities of an active citizen should be.