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DFT 12: Every Hour a Happy Hour
by Hongxin; April 21, 2008


DFT 12 is short for Drama, Film and Television 12. The content of this course is as the name suggests. It is very beneficial for improving your English skills and knowing about American culture. I like it very much.

The main class activity is watching DVDs. From the silent black and white film to the coloured 3D, DFT 12 covers all the history of the movies in sequence. It includes the Hollywood classical movies of the golden age: Casablanca, The Grapes of Wrath, The Maltese Falcon, and All about Eve and more. It isn't hard to imagine that the course is full of interest. We all enjoy it very much, for every hour is a happy hour and every day is a "holiday."

In DFT 12, we also learn about the history of the movies, movie-making and movie-making techniques. For example: the camera—the long shot and the close-up; the lighting—the key light and the back, the fill light; and the editing—the cut, fade, dissolve and the montage sequence. Besides, we also discuss the themes, the symbols and the literary topics of the films, so we can watch the movie with a critic's eye. I really find it interesting.

In addition, DFT 12 provides an easy way to learn English and opens a window to see American culture. In a free and easy atmosphere, seemingly like in the cinema, you can learn and have fun. As a matter of fact, it isn't so easy for a second language student. To catch the plots and the speeches will not be easy, and the movie is a kind of culture—a deep ocean of literacy. When you catch more of it, you will feel happy for the progress you have made and then you will have the freedom to swim and dive deeper into that ocean. Eventually, you will merge into the mainstream society.

DFT 12 is such an interesting course and has benefits that further the understanding of American culture. It will help you in many ways. I hope you have the time to take this wonderful course and, if you do, it is offered at Columbia Square.