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Adventurous Entrepreneurship 12
by Ben; May 19, 2008



Last year I took Entrepreneurship 12 at PALC. L was my teacher. The course was amazing! Before I came to Canada, I was a businessman; therefore, when L discussed various business cases, they reminded me about my former experiences. In the course, we learned that many unpredictable situations can occur in business transactions, so we should analyze each case in a flexible way.

A diploma can not turn students into successful entrepreneurs, but experience and strategy can. L taught us tactics to deal with our challenges in business. He also invited successful entrepreneurs to come to our class and share their experiences. Lastly, we celebrated our successful business projects with a group dinner.

Here are some key ideas that students can learn from this course:

1. How to evaluate  an individualís potential to fit into a future business.
2. How to arrange finances to buy a business or franchise.
3. How to choose partners and recruit capital.

In this course, students have to do some projects cooperatively:

a. Start a business, and make a profit within two weeks.
b. Make a business proposal, explain it in the front of the class, and defend it when questioned.
c. Take a workshop in the Trading Centre at Waterfront.

All of these activities were meaningful, practical and interesting. I loved this course very much because it has brought me unforgettable memories. In this class, I noticed that Lís knowledge is as broad as a mine; the more we excavated, the more we gained.