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All You Want to Know About Writing 12
by Masaru; June 9, 2008



Q. What is the "Writing 12" course?

A. Introduced by experienced English teacher Brad in 2007, it was a huge success. The purpose of this course is to promote and brush-up our writing skills. Many students, especially Asian, have a difficulty with or, I would say hate of, writing while learning English as a second language.

Q. Then, it is another essay learning class isn’t it?

A. Not really. Of course you have to know the basic essay, but don’t worry, Brad teaches us various kind of techniques like short sentences of how to describe things, how to use the proper words, how to create a story, how to report on a subject and so on.

Q. Who can register in this course?

A. Whoever has finished English 11, 12 or Communications 12.

Q. When is Writing 12 offered and how long does it take to finish this course?

A. Every Thursday afternoon for two and a half hours from 2:30 to 5:00 p.m., therefore it takes one year to finish this program. It is one credit course for graduation.

Q. One year is a bit too long, isn’t it?

A. I don’t think so. It is rather too short, for me anyway. One student is taking it a second time and whenever you have to take absences for any reason, take it and come back any time to catch up on class. We had a pregnant lady who attended the class until her due date. We hope she will show up again with her baby.

Q. How does Brad teach you? What kind a text book does he use?

A. Unlike other courses, he doesn’t use any book. He provides some print out material. He instructs us every week’s home work through computer, and then we check each sentence in the class. Some good writing will be at The Pearson Buzz online newspaper. There is some graduate’s writing already there. You should read them, as there is very good writing for sure.

Q. Sounds like a really hard course isn’t it?

A. Yes and No, depending on how you take this course. Yes, you have to write one piece of home work every week and post it to a blog, and then Brad will help correct it. When I first saw my writing crossed out with red lines, my writing became almost all red lines. I almost fainted with disappointment. I am such a slow writer that I have to think over and over about a topic. It takes time to express things in the right way. No, the same thing happened to other students’ writing, too. We are learning and I should take this course as a challenge and to seek enjoyment to show my ideas to the public. Fortunately, Brad is a very patient teacher and knows about student problems.

Q. Last question. How do you rate this course?

A. Good. Join us anytime. We students are all in the same boat “up a ‘s’ creek without a paddle,” so Brad has a paddle to help guide us to the shore without making too many “mistakes.”