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Cultural Differences

Keep Away from the CrowKeep Away from the Crow
by Hongxin; April 12, 2009
 Hongxin explains Chinese beliefs and idioms related to the crow.  Read the story

A Walking JokeA Walking Joke
by Zarghoona; April 5, 2009
 Zarghoona writes about the importance of understanding idiom, and the bad results if you don't!  Read the story


The Cubic LifeThe Cubic Life
by Beatrice; March 21, 2009
Beatrice's piece chronicles the life of Lily, a rebellious girl growing up in China, who later emigrates to Canada.  Read the story


Maintain Speed or Brake?Maintain Speed or Brake?
by Mavis; July 1, 2008
Mavis finds it difficult to adjust to driving in Canada.  Read the story

Halloween Every Day!Halloween Every Day!
by Catalina; June 2, 2008
Catalina finds a new vision of fashion in Vancouver.  Read the story

Maybe He Was RightMaybe He Was Right
by Beatrice; June 2, 2008
 Beatrice reflects on the difference between arranged and love marriages. Read the story



Friendly CanadaFriendly Canada
by Victoria; May 25, 2008
Victoria finds Canadians more talkative and friendly than at home.  Read the story

Independent? Bravo!Independent? Bravo!
by Josephine; May 25, 2008
 Josephine writes about parents facing their children's departure from home. Read the story


Do I Need to . . .?Do I Need to . . .?
by Teresa; May 19, 2008
Teresa raises thoughtful questions about the independent spirit she's encountered in Canadian life. Read the story

An Upside Down WorldAn Upside Down World
by Masaru; March 30, 2008
 Masaru's experience learning the opposite culture of Canada. Read the story

How I Saved My PartyHow I Saved My Party
by Ben; March 23, 2008
Ben's Lunar New Year celebration is saved by some good advance preparation. Read the story


Focussing on StatusFocussing on Status
by Suzanne; March 9, 2008
Suzanne explains some key differences between east and west. Read the story

What is that Teacher's Name?
by Ruth; March 9, 2008
The story of Ruth's confusing first day in English class. Read the story


Beauty Goes ShoppingBeauty Goes Shopping
by Kamila; March 3, 2008
Kamila contrasts Polish and Canadian attitudes towards beauty. Read the story


To Enjoy a Party (May 6, 2007)
Indecision can lead to misunderstandings. Here are some valuable tips for enjoying any party.  Read more . . .

Do as the Romans Do (May 5, 2007)
Should you call your teacher, "teacher"? Read more . . .

The Wall (April 14, 2007)
I hardly ever saw a wall in Vancouver on my first day in Canada. It really surprised me!  Read more . . .

Giving Praise (April 2, 2007)
Living in Canada, we may have cultural differences. Do they make you curious, confused, or excited? Read more . . .