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Cultural Differences

Halloween Every Day!
by Catalina; June 2, 2008

"Halloween Every Day!" is a bright and colourful description of multicultural fashion in Vancouver. I am sure, that every visitor has felt the same way as Catalina did watching our diverting crowd for the first time. Very often, I also feel like I am at a Halloween party, or even in a Venice carnival, because of the variety of styles and fashions. By reading Catalina’s interesting comparison between Vancouver and Columbia fashions, the reader can clear see the differences in a favour of our city, of course. Being slightly in shock at the beginning, Catalina, together with many other Vancouverites, happily switched to the position at which people truly enjoy freedom in clothes.
—Natalia, Writing 12 student.

When I moved here, everything was so different but still interesting. I used to go out all the time because I was amazed with all these new experiences. Something that got my attention was the way of dressing. I was shocked. Is this a Halloween party?

In Colombia, most of the people wear the same thing. We follow what is up to date and almost every one wears what fashion offers, so everyone is similar and if someone wears something different he or she is rejected right away.

One of my first rides on the sky train was funny. I was with my sister and we were laughing because we were not used to seeing many people wearing all kinds of different clothes from different times, countries and cultures.

Some of them were dressing as we did—jeans, and running shoes, very simple—but some others wore clothing of loud colors and funny designs, others had turbans and long pink, red or orange dresses. Some guys had purses— we never see this in Colombia. Most of the teenagers were up to date, but others wore “hip–hop” clothing with all these big, shiny accessories, like rings or necklaces with huge crosses and crowns. I was impressed because I had only ever seen that on TV. We never thought that real people wear such outfits.

I felt like I was at a Halloween party, but I got used to it very fast because I liked it. I think is good that people develop their personalities in their way by wearing clothing of their preference. I don’t think that rejecting people just because they don’t want to wear what everyone else does, will let them develop their own personality. Now, I wear what I want, and I feel happy about it.