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Lies that Can't be ProvenLies that Can't be Proven
by Makassia; April 20, 2009
A lie gets a young woman into big trouble!  Read the story


The Newly Rich MushroomThe Newly-Rich Mushroom
by Beatrice; April 20, 2009
A trip to the "antique" market doesn't quite turn out as planned!  Read the story


Laughter as MedicineLaughter as Medicine
by Masaru; May 19, 2008
 Masaru's cancer treatment is aided by a nurse's good humour. Read the story

How I Robbed My LandlordsHow I Robbed My Landlords
by Natalia; April 28, 2008
 Natalia admits to a minor crime. Read the story


The Day You Cannot WinThe Day You Cannot Win
by Hiromi; April 14, 2007
 One out of two bank machines was out of order. Sound familiar? Read the story.