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Laughter as Medicine
by Masaru; May 19, 2008

After my cancer operation, I have to go through chemotherapy for six months. This treatment involves injecting medicines into my vein. Unfortunately, it might cause many side effects: diarrhea, constipation, hair loss, fatigue, sensitivity to temperature, anemia and dry eyes; you name it, and you will get it.

On the first day of treatment, my daughter and I went to the hospital with anxious minds. While the nurse was inserting a needle into my vein, she explained to us how the medicines work. Then, she looked at me with a big smile.

“You are lucky; you don’t need to worry about hair loss.” She was looking at my bald head. We burst into laughter.

“Take this pill with cold water; you can’t drink cold water for the next six months, so remember the taste.” We chuckled at her exaggeration.

After finishing treatments, all I had to do was to carry a bottle of medicine which was connected to my vein for 46 hours.

“Where do you live?” she asked me. When I answered, she suggested, “Walk home; it’s good for you.”

I knew I had to exercise, but to walk back to my house would take more than an hour; besides that, I might faint.

“My daughter will drive me home, and I will go golfing. We have a tournament today.” I smiled at her.

“Good for you. Make sure to show the bottle, get more handicaps and win the tournament. Buy me a coffee next time with that money, will you?”

“Sure thing!” We left the hospital feeling light-hearted. Some nurses surely know how to make patients happy by joking affectionately.