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Lies that Can't be Proven
by Makassia; April 20, 2009


They all talked about their masters. Her friend, as it turned out, mastered in sociology, her other friend in physics; she, drama.

“I’ve even written a script in high school,” she added.

“Wow,” both girls exclaimed.

“Cool!” the tall girl said. “Then you can audition for the play coming up this afternoon. You said you’re good at acting, right?”

“Um…yeah, but I have no —”

“Oh come on. We’d love to see you acting. Please?”

Out of fear she’d disappoint her friends, she nodded and asked them about the play.

After signing for the audition, getting her script, she headed to the auditorium. She walked on the stage clumsily, opened her script with shaky hands, and sat on the chair.

“Are you ready?” the director asked. When she nodded, he said, “Then start the show.”

“It seems this class will take forever,” she read. “Ugh! It’s boring me to death. She squirms in her seat and taps her feet on the ground.”

“Whoa!” said the director, jerking his head backward.

The audience (her friends and four other girls) froze in shock.

“Miss, you’re supposed to act that part, not read,” he added.

“Oh—okay.” She read it again and when she reached the parentheses, she stood up, headed to where the director sat, and swept his feet, tapping them on the ground.

“My God, let go of my feet!” he exploded. “I thought you’d written a play before. Yet you don’t know what the words in parentheses mean. You’re supposed to squirm and tap your feet, not mine!”

Everybody held back giggles. Obviously, she knew nothing about drama. She smiled, thinking about her next lie since this one was proven false.