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naivetyShaking My Naviety
by Naoko, April 25, 2011
Naoko relates an intriguing story on being a photojournalist during a 2003 earthquake in northern Japan.  Read the story

betsyMy Cool Uncle
by Linda, April 18, 2011
Linda's story about her artistic uncle teaches a valuable lesson about living a simple life.  Read the story

betsyA Gift from Aunt Betsy
by Elaine, April 10, 2011
Elaine's story about Aunt Betsy brings a fictional character vividly to life.  Read the story

lighthouseAn Incredible Tale of Survival
by Marco, April 3, 2011
Marco reviews the excellent film, 127 Hours.  Read the review

lighthouseMaking the Study of Law Fun
by Linda, March 13, 2011
Linda informs us of two TV series that can help any student make the study of law fun.  Read the article

lighthouseLighthouse Magic
by Margareta; February 27, 2011
Margareta tells us a tale of a daring rescue.  Read the story

compsafetyLosing a Friend—Twice
by Marco; February 6, 2011
Marco recounts a sad tale of friendship and loss.  Read the story

compsafetyBe Aware of Internet Addiction
by Sophie; January 23, 2011
Sophie writes persuasively about the dangers of internet addiction.  Read the story

moneyhuntersMoney Hunters
by Susan; October 17, 2010
Susan recounts the interesting events that happened on her visit to Luoyang, home of the famous Shaolin Temple.  Read the story

Looking Out a Very Small WindowLooking Out a Very Small Window
by Kay; May 2, 2010
Kay writes on the various kinds of characters to be seen from a basement window.  Read the story


Powerful Blood TiesPowerful Blood Ties
by Rosemary; April 26, 2010
Rosemary recounts the tale of her brother's death on Christmas eve.  Read the story


Home, Sweet HomeHome, Sweet Home
by Rita; March 14, 2010
Rita's terrifying experience of the Kobe earthquake in 1995 leads her to a new appreciation of home.  Read the story



Remembering the FollyRemembering the Folly
by Maryann; February 21, 2010
Maryann remembers a fateful meeting with a good friend and regrets her actions that day.  Read the story



The Railroad Man: A New Journey
by Marc; February 7, 2010
Marc writes of the death of the "backbone of his life," his father.  Read the story

Disguised DonorsDisguised Donors
by Jatinder; January 24, 2010
In the aftermath of monsoon floods, Jatinder discovers that not all is what it seems on first glance.  Read the story

Not the Biggest Rain EverNot the Biggest Rain Ever
by Frank; April 20, 2009
 But big enough to cause a lot of trouble!  Read the story

Old Hometown - ManilaOld Hometown - Manila
by Marc; April 12, 2009
 Marc writes about a joyous childhood in Manila and then updates us on the devastating changes to his home town.  Read the story

Old Hometown - ShanghaiOld Hometown - Shanghai
by Eve; April 5, 2009
 Eve recalls her early years in old Shanghai, before it grew into the city it is today.  Read the story

No Man's LandA Film with Impact: No Man's Land
by Phoebe; January 12, 2009
 Phoebe gives an account of the connection between the film and her real-life experience in Eastern Europe.  Read the story


The Impending Danger that Awaits UsThe Impending Danger that Awaits Us
by Genel; December 16, 2008
 Genel's essay was chosen because it is persuasive and has lots of scientific details and evidence that are supportive and provable.  Read the story


Modern Women's Unhealthy BeautyModern Women's Unhealthy Beauty
by Andrea; December 7, 2008
 Andrea's essay takes a new look at women’s beauty issues. The essay is well-organized, clear in language, and full of scientific and supportive evidence.  Read the story


PALC—My English CradlePALC—My English Cradle
by Ruth; September 23, 2008
 Ruth's essay demonstrates how the PALC has nurtured her as she has learned English.  Read the story

A Night of Hunting EelsA Night Hunting Eels
by Masaru; July 1, 2008
 Masaru tells of the special night where he learned of the talents of a ten year old school friend. Read the story

Ancient BeautyAncient Beauty
by Ruth; June 22, 2008
 Ruth tells the story of her grandmother's bound feet, an ancient Chinese tradition no longer practiced. Read the story

St. Barnabas ChurchSt Barnabas Anglican Church
by Natalia, March 30, 2008
Natalia gives an inspiring account of her neighbourhood church. Read the story

A Peking ChildhoodA Peking Childhood
by Hongxin; March 9, 2008
Hongxin's richly detailed story of his childhood in Peking. Read the story

The City of DollsThe City of Dolls
by Masaru; March 3, 2008
The story of Masaru's home town, Fukuoka City. First in a series.  Read the story


Is a Flood Coming? (June 3, 2007)
Some people think so. See a picture taken at New Westminster Quay on May 31 for proof! Read more . . .

The Road to the Passport Office (May 13, 2007)
The passport office has been busy, I'd heard. Today I tried it myself. This is how it went on Friday May 4th, 2007. Read more . . .

Russian Submarines: In Vancouver? (May 5, 2007)
Yes, built right behind Burnaby Mountain! Read more . . .

The Mystical Gemstone—Turquoise (April 14, 2007)
 What do you associate with the name turquoise? Read more . . .