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fMemoir: The Hidden Danger
by Jovie
April 14, 2016


I grew up where the sun shines its beauty each day, and where magnificent beaches are found on which people are often relaxing and having fun after a tiring day. I loved living in the Philippines, especially in a province surrounded by trees and breathing the fresh air that it brings with it is like nothing else in this world—stunning scenery, and beautiful beaches everywhere you go. I am fascinated and proud of the beauty of my country especially when it comes to tourism and nature. However, behind those beautiful aspects lies a hidden danger powered by nature. You think people are cruel? No! Nature can be the cruellest and we do not have control over it. The danger is unpredictable and can occur anytime and anywhere.

 When a typhoon hits the Philippines it can become a huge disaster of epic proportion and its effects are felt on a massive scale. Many Filipinos, including native and non native, who live around the world are affected. Many Filipinos have families overseas and help out by sending money, food or clothing to their loved ones. History has shown us typhoons have caused massive destruction and has killed tens of thousands of people including men, woman, children, babies and even animals. The most vulnerable are those who live in poor areas, homeless people who live in coastal land located on or under sea level.

My heart is crying.  My heart goes out to those who died and suffered the cruelty of nature. When a gigantic typhoon strikes and hits land it often brings storm surges which cause the water to rise up to ten meters or more. When this occurs, it caused massive flooding with very little warning which could destroy cities and kill thousands of people in very little time. One particular typhoon hit landfall in a small town called Tacloban located in the Philippines. The typhoon caused the water to surge ten meters high. Without any warning, it killed many people and animals—nature at its worst. It was murderous. Men, women and children were killed by drowning in the sea that they built their lives on.

People were yelling and crying for help. The sound of thunder was frightening as hell. The storm surge was unexpected. The water was high as fifteen feet or more. Heavy rainfall and the rage of wind spun quickly like a tornado. There was flooding everywhere and people drowned. Dead bodies were scattered everywhere. Parents searched for their lost loved ones, feeling helpless, but desperate to survive. I sympathize with those people who were affected by the tragic event brought by mother nature that killed thousands of citizens around the city and province. God bless those who have fallen. May their memories live on. I am enraged by the cruelty of nature that created the massive typhoon. I wanted to help and take away their suffering, but I am only human and have no power to control the natural calamities. Whenever I see or witness people die, especially in a critical situation where we know we can never win—like surviving the typhoon—my heart is crushed and breathless. It is heartbreaking to see people who are lacking in sufficient food, shelter, and drinking water. They have suffered enough.

I understand that people will die, people will vanish one day and face consequences in life made by either human or nature. I know that the sun will rise again upon those who go through a depressing moment and will smile upon the beauty of nature. Together they will rise and build a brand new home.



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