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Luck or Destiny?
by Cristian
November 10, 2013

    It was the summer of 2005. I was living in my home town, Resita, together with my wife and my daughter, back in my home country, working for an electronic service department company. My main duty was servicing and programming the Electronic Cash Registers for customers that had a service contract with us. I split all the invoices in four locations: Up-town, Lower-town, Downtown and Out-Of-The City.

    One day, sometime in the middle of August, I was working in the downtown area. Our city center was kind of small, quiet, with a big fountain in the middle which spread a lot of water in the air using an exact schedule.

    While I was going to one of the companies, I met an old high-school classmate, my friend Dani B. We were not close friends in school and, since we finished high-school, I  didn't meet him too often, but all the time I was happy when I met an old school mate. Dani, somehow, hadn't changed too much; he looked almost the same as in high-school: same dark hair, chubby body, respectful and agitated most of the time.

    We started talking about day-to-day life, about our families, we were asking about our high-school colleagues and teachers. After a while Dani asked me what kind of electronics I still have at home because, at that time, I was into home electronic devices. Even now, I like to have good quality audio/video system in my home. I explained to him with a lot of details and, because I knew he was working for a good company, I asked him, “Aren't you buying any electronics, because I know you like those too?” He answered me, calm and relaxed, “No, actually I sold almost all of my stuff, because I'm leaving Romania; I'm going to Canada in three to four months”. I couldn't believe it! This quiet, simple and modest guy, without any known goals, is leaving, for good. . . ? To Canada . . . ?

    After he told me about his departure and the steps he followed, I asked him if he wanted to help me to calculate the points on-line to see if we are qualifying too.

    “I'm so busy right now to set up everything, I have so many things to do; maybe next week I will pay you a visit and we'll see then how it goes” he answered. This answer just made me try harder to convince him to come by for a coffee or something, just because I had a good feeling about this. I couldn't let him go without “squeezing” out of his mouth a small promise: next day in the afternoon he will come to visit us.

    Next day I was so, so impatient all day. I kept thinking of my friend all day long. I couldn't concentrate at work, I couldn't pay attention to anything, I was so nervous. Finally, my work day came to an end, and I started rushing to get home faster. At 5:30 PM my friend was ringing at the door. I was so happy to see him, I felt like a kid waiting for his favorite toy.

    He came in, my wife made a coffee and we started talking about different things, except the one which was burning my soul. After a while I asked him to come with me to the other room, where my computer was, to start the on-line procedure to see if we have any chance to immigrate. By the way, we tried to immigrate to the US for many years but we had no luck.
    We checked three times with the on-line tool and all three times we qualified way above the limit. We were so, so happy. Our life could change for the better. And it did.

    Starting now, we have a new dream, a new purpose in our life. We began to prepare everything we needed: documents, private French lessons (we applied for Quebec because the immigration is faster) and money, of course.

    The French lessons were kind of easy because my wife and I took French classes in high-school, and we remembered how to write and speak in French. The teacher's style was excellent because she  prepared us exactly for the interview with the immigration officer at the Canadian Embassy in Bucharest. She had prepared many questions and answers “interview” related and, with those questions, she helped many of our friends to immigrate to Canada. We've learned and studied very hard, every day and night and we've succeeded passing the interview. This was the hardest part of the immigration process.

    To prepare the documents was easy too: to print and legalize them at a notary was an easy job. The hardest part was to hide our intentions regarding our plans because in our city I was kind of well known to many people, because of the specifics of my job. If our bosses were to find out what our plans are, they could and probably would try to stop us in many ways. Yeah, that was the mentality at that time. I hope things have changed by now. For the better. . . !

    And, the most sensitive part: the money. We needed a lot of money, way more than we could afford. We had some savings but it wasn't enough just for the documents and the medical exams which, by the way, we did in Hungary. We resolved the money problem borrowing from one of the biggest bank in our country.

    Interesting was that we didn't tell anything to anybody. After we passed the interview we spread the word regarding our future life. My mom was one of the happiest person in the world. But, after she went back home, she realized what's going on and how her life will change after we were leaving. We had a very hard time to calm her down and to make her think positively, especially because my sister was still in Romania at that time. Now she's happily married in Munich, Germany.

    My friend and his family left and they are living happily in Montreal. We followed him to Canada after another three months. We landed here, in Vancouver. The VISA is Federal so we could land in any of the Canadian provinces. We choose to come here, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

    We've been here for almost seven years now, years with ups and downs, trying to live a happy and comfortable life. We are happy, optimistic and grateful for everything that has happened to us.

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