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Making the Study of Law Fun
by Linda
March 13, 2011


Studying law can be stressful and difficult for some students, but watching a TV series about law is different. For those of you who are struggling with case study and law terminology, I suggest you watch two TV series: Boston Legal and The Good Wife.

Not only are both are fun for watching, but they can also help your listening and debating skills. Even better, the series show contemporary cases about high school policy, credit card fraud, nuclear pollution, race discrimination, and even murder cases. The closing arguments in the trials are inspiring and enlightening. I bet you will borrow some ideas and use them in your persuasive essay, and that will impress your teachers. This TV watching is like hitting three birds with one stone, so why not try it?

Besides the interesting cases, there are also distinct characters. For example, Boston Legal (5 seasons, all finished) is the story of a law firm, in which there are some excellent lawyers—two best friends with complementary traits. Danny Crane, the older guy, is a radical Republican, who is famous for never losing a case, and is also  a notorious womanizer; Allen Shore, on the other hand, is a cynical middle-aged man, who is often scornful of power, but famous for winning knotty cases, and is especially known for his long-winded closing speeches, which often emotionally bully a jury’s mind at the last moment. It is interesting to find that every invincible lawyer has his or her own emotional and mental weakness. However, they live with their weakness or so-called weirdness and still make good lawyers.

If you think practicing law is only about justice, you are wrong; it can be something else. The Good Wife (now in season 2) will show you the ugly truth of the legal business. You will see that office politics is common at law firms: senior partners scheming against each other; junior lawyers advancing their career by stepping on others. Not to mention law suits are sometimes not for justice but for winning, which means money. And you will see some back-door deals amongst politicians. But don’t get upset by seeing this ugly dirty business, because you will meet the good wife, Alicia, a full-time mom before her husband (a state attorney running in an election) was jailed in a sex and corruption scandal. She rejoins a law firm to support her family. I see Alicia as a tough and wounded woman. She has both a snail’s and a fighter’s characters. Starting over as a junior associate, she bears the cynical comments with her deliberation and perseverance; dealing with tough cases, she fights them with a passionate and rational mind.

I can’t tell you any more. Otherwise, it will ruin your pleasure. It is up to you to watch them either on TV or the Internet. It will be quite entertaining--I give you my word.