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Addicted to Oil? Let's Be Realistic"Addicted" to Oil? Let's be Realistic
by Eve
March 8, 2009


Eve's essay was written as a response to Brad's essay "Addicted to Oil," published as a Weekly Feature at the Pearson ALC Web Site on July 6, 2008. Brad's essay was used as a model for persuasive writing.

“Addicted to Oil”?  Let's be realistic. I am wondering how much further people are willing to sacrifice their comfort for the sake of Global Warming.

Well, let us think about driving. When price of gas surged to a historical high this summer, the topic of global warming has suddenly became very popular. According to Seattle News, Maintenance technician Taylor Morgan started to take a bus to go to work; his family also needs to cut down their visits to family in British Columbia from once every two months to once or twice a year. After the price of oil drop again, “he was happy to be driving his Honda Accord to work every day again, ‘Things are getting back to normal,’ he said.” As the cheaper gas brings him the comfort back, he obviously forgot all about the Global Warming. I tend to understand this ordinary fellow like anyone; we are living in a high stress society, people are always busy to run their errands in a limited time, and how much longer can you wait at the bus stop, when all the others are getting their things done more efficiently than you?

You can certainly grow your own garden of vegetable and fruit, not realizing the potential possibility of danger of poisoning yourself. Have you had your soil tested? The lead in the soil above 50 parts per million will cause irreversible damage to your health. According to CBC news, “More than 200 residents of Lynnview Ridge showed up at a meeting organized by the city last night and protested against their polluted soil. Recent testing in their neighbourhood has uncovered lead contamination . . . The residents are considering legal action against the city." Is your city under the risk of contamination? The organic home grown garden is not always safe and equal to healthy, hearty fruits and vegetables. I would rather buy the fruits or vegetables from a more regulated farm, rather than take the fuss to grow them myself.

How about eating local farmer’s vegetables or fruits? Have you been to a farmer’s market? The price of local grown fruits or vegetables is three times more expensive than the produce we import from California. Be realistic. Are you going to buy the expensive produce to support the local farm or pay cheaper to get imported produce? If that still doesn’t convince you, ok, let me try even harder. There are certain tropical fruits that are not possible to grow in the weather here in Canada. If you have ever tasted a BC grown strawberry, you can tell it is mushy and not so sweet. How about a sweet Caribbean papaya, juicy California orange? The list goes on and on. Come on, have a bite!

You may argue, well, I can put on a sweater at home to save energy. How about your dishwasher? Would you consider washing your dishes by bare hand since the dishwasher consumes a tremendous amount of hot water? How about turn off your water boiler all day long, and imagine yourself living in a complete coldness in winter and soaking your hand in the freezing cold water to clean the dishes and wash your clothes? Then you will know why Brad’s essay mentioned about “North Americans, with only 4% of the world’s population, burn 25% of the world’s oil!”

I don’t think it is realistic for North Americans to break the addiction to the oil. That is a price too high that nobody would be willing to pay. Be realistic. If you want to change your lifestyle, that could be the time that you either have no money to buy oil, or there is no more oil on the planet to consume. When you either still have money to buy oil or there is still some oil left for you to consume, then come on and “Enjoy the comfort of oil!”