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PALCóMy English Cradle
by Ruth
September 23, 2008


As a student, I rely on my school, the Pearson Adult Learning Center (PALC). Iím fortunate to have chosen it as my school. When I came to Canada, I learned English little by little, like a baby, and I intended to find a homelike, reliable, and beneficial school to nurture me. The PALC satisfies my desire.

Primarily, my school is homelike. When I come in, I come into a warm atmosphere. I can feel a harmony among teachers and students. Every teacher I have met in the PALC is amiable. They remember my name and greet me with a smile. Sometimes, they ask about my learning. Whenever I come into the lab, I always can obtain help, care, and consultation. I feel free to resolve any learning problems there. Itís a multicultural environment, and people respect each other and appreciate other kinds of culture. I feel respected there. Learning in PALC, I enjoy the homelike feeling and I believe that is most important to a student working on English improvement.

It is not only homelike, but also reliable. All teachers are professional and experienced. They have many years of teaching experience, and know exactly what are studentsí needs and difficulties. In the class, the most amazing thing is that every teacher can well understand poorly pronounced English! Teachers also know what questions students might ask beforehand. Even in the lab, the teacher who is not that studentís teacher can also help the student well. They are patient and eager to help students. No matter how stupid questions are by students, they will answer with respect. Also, they are responsible teachers. They have wonderful plan, ability, and credit to teach students. I am confident in them to improve my English.

In addition to its homelike and reliable qualities, the PALC is also beneficial to students. Interesting activities, such as blog and writing for The Pearson Buzz, benefits students a lot after class. English 11ís and 12ís teacher, Brad, created a blog for students and is also in charge of The Pearson Buzz. They challenge students to work out good quality compositions before posting them publicly. It improves studentsí writing and broadens their minds. Students have a good chance to take a look othersí assignment, learn from each other, and share different ideas. The activities also train studentís ability to operate computers. After articles are selected from blog and published at The Pearson Buzz, students feel the joy of accomplishment. Choosing the PALC is beneficial to students who really want to improve their English!

PALC is homelike, reliable, and beneficial to students, and it is a good choice for learning English. Learning in my school PALC, I feel safe, warm, and confident. It is my English cradle to hold me while I grow.