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That's Interesting!

Looking Out a Very Small Window
by Kay
May 2, 2010


Looking out a very small window from the basement onto ground level, there’s not much of a view, only the passersby from knee to toe. That can be fairly interesting—judging who’s who by their lower leg and footwear.

Here comes someone with good taste— must be a business man, argyle socks, expensive brown British brogues, a very smart sporty type, and I'll bet he enjoyed his freshly squeezed orange juice, with a slice of all grain toast, before leaving his Kitsilano two-storey condo this morning. No wife, No kids, O What a Beautiful Morning!

"Wow! Get a look at those legs". She is not going to be walking too far in those stiletto heels, Maybe her street walking was done during the night and she is now on her way home to sleep through the day. She may be part of the oldest trade in the world but definitely not the easiest. “Goodnight lady, Sleep well."

Just look at those saggy jeans and dirty runners. What’s the big deal showing off your underwear? I'm sure he's not job hunting, or maybe he just got off shift, after a long night flipping burgers at McDonalds, his mother’s words ringing in his ears: "You should have stayed in school".

What a great looking pair of Italian black leather oxfords. The fabric in those slacks have a European flare. I can barely see the edge of a black briefcase. Well, if I was to guess, I'd say he was heading towards the courthouse, someone’s future is going to lay in the decision he comes to this day. "Heavy is the Heart and Hand that holds the Gavel".

Man! Those whites are really white. He is either an ice-cream man or heading to St Paul’s Hospital, where he may even save a life today, maybe one who didn't even want his life saved. There are a few cases like that downtown.

There goes a couple of school kids on skate boards. Man those things are noisy. All I can think of is, God love you and keep you safe. I love the look of boys between the ages of seven to eleven; they seem to be so excited with life and have absolutely no fear of death—a wonderful look.