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The Bridge
by Jenn
April 5, 2015

Every time I try to imagine my childhood adventures, a smile is spread upon my face: “That unforgettable time will never fade in my memory.” Hiking with Zorek was my favourite. We loved to walk along the forestry roads where we  followed the creek into the forest. There, the trees were mostly birch, tall and perfectly rounded; for kilometers we could’ve walked and explored forever, still stepping on the brown and leafy carpet left from the fall.

     My friend, Zorek—only few months younger—who loved  nature and is still part of it today was quite an explorer. “Trouble” was his other name though—that is the only way I can describe it; “But isn’t the fun part of it too as well,” I used to say.

     That day was sunny and beautiful, we were on the spring break and my Mom was making us crepes that morning (my favourite). She made crepes everySunday. Zorek came over, and we were on the way to the forest to pick the firstwild spring flowers.

     On the way we talked, we shouted and made our voices to echo (without worrying about bothering anyone). There was not a single soul close by other than animals. We were happy, and all we were after was fun.

     Along the forestry road were still some puddles of water from the rain the night before, but there was nothing to worry about since we had our rain boots on. We hoped for the sunny day; that’s what Mom told us after watching the news that morning.

     At the edge—on the other side—we approached the creek. I stood there looking at my old boots and then at my friend who tried to jump across without any success. The water was higher than usual. The only gift that spring day was the log lying on the wet ground nearby. “We have to build a bridge,” Zorek said.
 Clearly there was no other way to go across.

     Zorek was a clever boy. I knew he would figure something out. The log that was nearby would fit perfectly.  All we had to do is to somehow push it over the creek. We struggled, but made it work. The log was full of branches and slippery, but it was time to make our way across.

     Brave as always, I decided to go first.  What else was there to do but to hurry across. There were only a few steps to make and the log was well secured. The first step I made went well, but on the second, “I slipped.” My right leg went into the muddy water. The creek was not deep, but still water went into my boot. Somehow I made my way out laughing, Zorek was helping me and laughing as well. It was funny; “Oh well it was just a slip.”

     We kept going. The wet boot and a sock wouldn’t stop me. The beautiful spring lilies we found along were a great prize and I knew those would make my Mom happy. At least it was going to smooth the trouble I would get into for slipping into the water and bringing myself into danger.

     We were happy to have fun and adventure that day. Making that bridge was something we will always share and laugh about and that day will forever be our fun childhood memory.