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The Mystical Gemstone—Turquoise
by Ritsuko

What do you associate with the name turquoise? I think of the blue sky, the vast oceans, exotic countries, and the Native American jewelry.

These cheerful images remind me of one of the myths of the gemstone— that it would protect travelers.

“Don’t be reckless.” My sister warned me and gave me a turquoise ring to wear while traveling. Wearing the ring, in 1991, I conquered Australia. Inspired by the experience, I always wear a turquoise jewel as a talisman.

According to its metaphorical properties, a turquoise stone promotes healing and protection of life. The fantastic history, unique origins and peaceful colours generate a believable mystical power .

The Precious Stone

Turquoise has been one of the most popular and the oldest gemstones in the world. Especially for the ancient people in Egypt and Persia, turquoise was valued as a spiritual stone that would heal or prevent disease and injuries. Generally, Native American culture as well as many cultures has considered it as a sign of good health, success or happiness.
Indian Legends about Turquoise

Not a Turkish Stone

Previously, I thought turquoise would be a gem discovered in Turkey because of its nuance. In reality, it originated in French word since it had been carried to Europe through Turkey. It is also said that the name derived from French words, “Pieerr tuquin,” which means “dark blue stone.” The distinct name charms me and emphasizes it as a mysterious stone.

The Healing Effect and Colour Variations

Turquoise colour encourages the healing process. In fact, turquoise gemstones have various colours: vivid blue, pale blue, greyish blue, greenish blue and lime green. The gemstone consists of hydrated copper, aluminum, phosphate and minerals; the amounts of each element produce the colour changes. The turquoise with a clear sky-blue is thought to be the top quality and helps in soothing; on the other hand, the Caribbean Sea-like shade green one is gentle, which may calm our temper.