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yogaInner Beauty: A "Yogoir"
by Selena
March 4, 2015


The first day (almost four years ago now) that I walked through that studio door, I immediately found comfort and knew that I would find what I was looking for there. I kept telling myself: Once you find your inner beauty it can begin to shine through to the outside and nervously, I jumped right in to the first step of changing my perspective on life. Sick and lacking confidence, I sat down on my mat, eyes shut, body limp and free of tension. I swallowed my emotions and gave full attention to only appreciating myself and joined the class in letting out an introductory “Ommmmmmm.” I anticipated the journey ahead. Hearing words of encouragement in the background, I had not felt this good in a while.

As I sit comfortably on my yoga mat every evening, I can feel beauty all around me presenting itself in so many forms: posture, thoughts, in the smile of a stranger. Connecting myself with others inside and out while tapping in to my own inner beauty, thoughts and love for myself and those around me as the room buzzes with inspiration. I know we are all here for one common goal—finding beauty. Finding comfort in the space around me, I dedicate this time to myself, on my mat, I am aware of the protective bubble around me. With a lift from the collective energy in the room and compassionate eyes, I start searching for a balance between heart, mind, body, and the enlightenment that brings, hoping I will walk out having awakened my soul.

A couple of years ago I experienced yoga in the outdoors. Two beautiful elements combined into one— hands running through the grass and the breeze flowing though my hair while becoming in touch with nature; the scent of the fresh outdoor air and birds majestic in the sky; the clouds floating in the sky and the sun casting leafy shadows around me; maybe a beach or a lake nearby with water flowing briskly and splashing up against the rocks. Feeling peaceful, calm, clear and content, I felt almost fairy-like. True nature is joy.

Savasna, taking in all I have done for myself and others, virtually thoughtless, is a time to be thankful for what has been given to me, what I have done for myself today and what I can give back to the world. I've fallen in to a love affair with yoga, its addictive qualities have me unrolling my mat again and again, knowing every day I will find new beauty within and blissfully float back to reality with an ear to ear grin. I must feed the hunger inside. Namaste.