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Anberlin; Meaningful Music
by Chris; April 5, 2009



Many musicians rely on shallow ideas to create their music, yet there are few bands out there that push the limit on why humans make certain choices and the emotions involved. They search deeper in the human mind to find inner meanings and how our desires work. These artists tend to have lyrics that make you think long after the song is over.

Over the course of six years Anberlin has slowly made a name for themselves in the music industry. They have broken through the generic mold of other bands. Being the best they could be was the highest priority, and they knew exactly what it would take to advance forward and continue to recreate their sound. Using their spiritual outlook on the world, they managed to find a way into the hearts of alternative rock fans worldwide. Originally starting out as a Christian rock band, they realized breaking from that mold was a crucial step in the direction they wanted. Their focus was to sing about meaningful issues that would keep people thinking and questioning their existence on earth.

The latest album by Anberlin ended up doing exactly that. New Surrender is a 12 tracks of music, blending rock undertones with beautiful melodic vibes. Stephan Christian's voice has matured at such an alarming rate I was shocked by its advance. The transitions between his ballads and the quick-speaking renderings of emotion merge perfectly. Songs such as “Retrace” hold onto a more mellow melody then the rest of the tunes. This song is very simply about how we should never forget old friendships, because they shape who we are. Those people who, for whatever reason, aren’t a part of our lives anymore.

Retrace the steps we took on that long summer night.
I'm back there by your side.
Retrace the steps we took when we met worlds away.
Counting backwards while the stars are falling.

While many of the songs are very upbeat and aggressive, they hold true to the same universal meaning—that every person on earth has a purpose different from everyone else. “The Unwinding Cable Car” talks about how each of us can spend so much time pushing away our true feelings we lose ourselves in the process.

Your motive, unstable.
You're like an unwinding cable car.
Listening for voices.
But it's the choices that make who we are.
Go your own way, even seasons have changed.

Overall, Anberlin is a brilliant group of artists that really get what it means to sing their heart out. They understand it’s about risks, and taking themselves out of comfort zones to learn and grow as musicians as well as people, singing about real issues that fellow humans deal with on a regular basis, along with the universal importance of accepting everyone.

I would highly recommend this band to anyone who wants to listen to inspiring music, music that can actually take you on a journey to better understand yourself, and the people around you.