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Music We Like

Eternal Romantic Movements by Schumann
by Ruth

Sitting in Hollywood Bowl and watching the stars to wait for the  "Symphonies Under the Stars" in the summer night, I'm relaxed and carefree. At eight o'clock, the music starts with Schumann's Spring Symphony by the American National Orchestra.

In a flash, the whole Hollywood Bowl is submerged into the musical flow. Unconsciously, all tension, tiredness and unhappiness vanished into thin air. I was shocked by Schumann's attractive melodies and profound philosophic thoughts. That's a perfect combination between conspicuous performance and eminent composition. I'm soaking in a romantic sentiment until my soul is completely purified.

"Florestan" and "Eusebius"

In most of Schumann's compositions, there are two opposite themes that show two conflicting personalities in Schumann's inner world. The one that is introverted and weak is called "Eusebius," and the other that is heroic and passionate is called "Florestan." Schumann develops his music based on both of these romantic conflicts.

The music had ceased, I stepped out of the Hollywood Bowl with a pure soul. The Hollywood Bowl is a green field in the big desert and a good choice for music enthusiasts from July to September every summer.