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What For "Monster" Mom?
by Olivia

I was on a public putting green under the brilliant sunlight glittering through the fluttering leaves with warm summer breeze. What a peaceful moment! All of a sudden, a skinny Chinese mom, a little five-year-old boy and an over-loaded maid with some clothes and a backpack in her hand, arrived on the green. The mom began to harangue him when the little boy was practicing his putting.

“Simon, concentrate, remember what the coach said.”

“This is an uphill one, putt it harder.”

“How can you putt so hard, you missed the whole green.”

“Look at you; you seem to be getting worse.”

“OK, this one is better.”

“Be cautious. Even practice.”

“No, come on!”

The unrelenting mom folded her arms while standing two feet in front of her son. The maid stood like a statue outside the green. First, the little boy obeyed his mom’s directions, then, he pouted, and cried out but still practiced putting the balls. Lastly, he murmured, “Mommy, I am so hungry. I can’t do it. Please, don’t be a monster.”

“Noooo! Go on, you need practice to improve.” She stared hard at him for a while. The little boy was sobbing with his head down.

Eventually, the mom sighed, grabbed her son and went to the restaurant. The maid picked up the balls and followed them. A senior golfer nearby shook his head and chuckled after they left.