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Tragic Single MomsTragic Single Moms
by Esther; March 23, 2009



“I was like you guys once. . . Beautiful, innocent, and a student, but my boyfriend left me like this. . .” She burst into tears.

It was a CAPP (Career and Personal Planning) hour in my high school, when a group of women with babies walked into our classroom. I became stiff because here I was, trying to learn how to adapt a new culture and I thought to myself, ‘Oh my god, what are they doing in here, aren’t they supposed to be in other building?’

True, they were supposed to be in another building, and of course, I had seen them in my high school going in and out.

But that day we were talking about “Condoms, and mishaps,” and our teacher thought ”what better ways to talk about mishaps by having real examples right next to us, right?”

So here they were, single moms and their babies, and I didn’t know what it really means to be a single mom at that time.

I just thought single moms meant a middle-aged woman who had a career and she wanted to have a baby, so all she had to do was adopt a baby or a child.

But boy, was I wrong! A single mom, in that case, was having a child at high school age, and it was the hardest thing they had to do because they had to handle housework, schoolwork, manage a part-time job, and, of course, they had to take care of their babies.

But most of all, they all looked fatigued, and sad from all their troubles.

I was so shocked at hearing this because, in Asian culture, there weren’t many single moms, but if they had one, their parents had to hide them, or give a baby away for disgracing their family.

Of course, they didn’t or rather, did not encourage them to continue their educations further, and of course, teachers in Asia definitely didn’t teach us how to prevent the teenaged pregnancy, but here I was in CAPP hour, studying how not to be another single mom.

After the CAPP hour, I felt as if I had been in some weird space and returned to earth and made it just before lunchtime because I couldn’t believe what I had heard and how calm the the other students were.

At the end of the CAPP hour, the most important thing they left me with was that they had begged us not to be another single mom, no matter how many times boyfriends kept saying, “I love you.”

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