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Rants and Raves

A Breath of Fresh Air
by Josephine; June 9, 2008


This is not an angry, but rather a sad rant about an important topic—the restriction of smoking in public places— which recently had positive developments in legislation. Both the logical structure of Josephine’s writing and supportive details from her personal experience make the writing very convincing. I showed the article to my husband, who is a smoker who wanted to quit smoking, but failed, and noticed that he was touched by her deep sorrow for the people with this bad habit. It is important to let people know that the writing is not aggressive, but in a convincing way shows what harm the smokers do to the family, neighbors and themselves. I hope that Josephine’s writing will influence in positive way not only my husband, but also other smokers.—Natalia; Writing 12 Student


There were two men smoking at the mall’s entrance in this gloomy underground parking, while another woman was lighting her cigarette, joining them. The smoke of their cigarettes filled the poorly ventilated space, and I was the one who had to walk through the unhealthy aroma to reach the door.

This is one of the scenes that I often encountered before this April, not only at the entrances of malls but also outside restaurants and buildings. The trail of smoke has lingered around my nose and my mind for a long while. This is very unpleasant to most of the non-smoking people, especially to me, for it also brings back the unforgettable memories of how my father passed away.

My father passed away due to the lung cancer. Before he was diagnosed, he lived healthily till his 70’s. He walked the fields, climbed the mountains, and he drove as fast as he was racing. He was our giant, to his children and grandchildren. But he couldn’t fight the lung cancer. He was beaten badly, and was weak and heavily relied on the oxygen machine. Shortly, after a series of struggling treatment, he left us in the shock only eight months after his first complaint of chest congestion.

My father was an on-and-off smoker for decades. He had tried to quit, but unsuccessfully, and passed away mostly because of his smoking. Smoking kills and secondhand smoke does, too. This is why I can’t stand somebody’s smoking nearby. Thanks to the BC’S “Tobacco Control Act”, the harmful effects and unhappy experiences will be more easily avoided.