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Rants and Raves

A Big Thorn in the Butt
by Lola; July 14, 2008


In "A Big Thorn in the Butt," Lola uses a witty, conversational tone to show us the big frustrations faced by a new language learner. —Brad; Writing 12 Teacher

When asked what “the rant” is for me, one obvious answer quickly comes to mind that is miserable and frustrating—my communication skill, in English of course.

For people who were born with a natural feel for words, they probably have no idea what I’m talking about. Well, I’ll tell you.

As an adult, I am used to freely expressing my opinion on things and gaining knowledge of other’s experiences. That also is the main component of my recreation life—I’m such a chat lover.

When talking in English, all pleasantness simply disappears into thin air. Not only do I have to tolerate my own awkward speaking skills, I also have to sometimes put other’s feelings aside (and there is a good chance that they would be frustrated) and force myself to just keep on talking.

It’s tough to count how many times, when the time comes for me to be able to speak, but, I just get stuck there. All the great thoughts and ideas I would like to share that were building up in my head, have nowhere to go!

I also still clearly remember how lonely and freezing I was on that chilly snow day; I had to wait for my other car-pools’ friends on the street just because I heard “two fifteen” instead of “two fifty.”

And what’s even worse? It’s when someone tells a joke, and boy! Do you have an encouraging comment to add? However, it just won’t come out right. Then of course, you spoil the joke, and also leave yourself in a sticky and uncomfortable situation which always turns out to be unexpectedly embarrassing.

So all in all, having difficulties with communications is a big thorn in the butt. But then again, what’s life without some troubles which gives you another goal to accomplish?