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Lack of Respect for Cashiers
by Aileen; July 7, 2008


"Lack of Respect for Cashiers" vividly describes Aileen's conflicts between her and her odd customers and precisely analyzes the negative side of human behavior through her keen observations. —Ben; Writing 12 Student

When I worked at Tim Hortons as cashier, a young man, with a strapping stature and a short butch haircut, often came to buy coffee. When the guy ordered, he always bent very low and close to my ear, and said: “one. large. coffee; double. sugar; double. cream.” His behavior made me feel I was deaf and foolish.

I was puzzled by this guy’s eccentric attitude towards me. Perhaps he thought I was a newcomer and couldn’t understand him clearly, so he spoke slowly. Sometimes this guy bought coffee at the other counter and also treated the native born blond girl the same way.

His peculiar actions made me pay attention. I found he chatted normally with his friends when they drank coffee. Therefore, I knew the guy just insulted us and did not respect we cashiers.

One time, another lean and tall young man with long blond hair ordered coffee with double cream. I made coffee according to his flavour and passed it to him.

“Are you sure it is cream but not milk in my coffee?” he inquired. He refused to accept the coffee.

“Sure, sir, you can try it,” I replied.

But he still didn’t believe me and pointed to the cream container and shouted: “I think it is milk.”

The customers behind him became very impatient and angry at the guy’s defiance because they had also waited for a long time. Meeting each customer’s requirement was my duty, so I made another fresh coffee according to his newly appointed flavour, and then he grumbled something and left.

Maybe those guys think cashiers should serve them very well because they pay, but if a person doesn’t respect others, that person will not be respected by others. Thankfully, people like these are in the minority; most people are very polite and nice.