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Rants and Raves

Letter to a Young Man Who Went the Distance
by Hiromi

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon two years ago. Metrotown was crowded as usual, and the Real Canadian Superstore was even more horrific—too many shoppers and carts were on the floor. Squeezing my way through the aisles exhausted me.

Then I saw your beaming smile from a distance. I lined up at your casher right away.

I was a bit skeptical at first. The other cashiers looked tired, but you seemed unreasonably happy. What’s wrong with this guy?

But when my turn came and you spoke to me, I knew you were genuine.

“Hi, how’re you doing today?” you said. You were quick and efficient, scanning rhythmically.

“I have something new today,” you said, opening the cash register. And you handed me a shiny loonie—a new Terry Fox coin. It was then that Terry Fox coins had just started to circulate, and I had never seen one except on TV.
“My kids want this!” I cried.

“Yeah? How many kids?”

When I said three, you put five more brand-new coins in my palm. I was shocked.

“You made my day,” I blurted out, and you smiled a shy smile.

I felt like skipping when I left the store. It was incredible. And you know what? When I got home, I was a hero with the coins. I was happier and nicer for the rest of the day—and so was my family.

So thank you very much. I still remember that day.