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Rants and Raves

An In-Between TimeAn In-Between Time
by Natalia; March 21, 2008


I feel frustrated in this in-between time when spring fights with winter for the rights to arrive.

Every year, while watching the dramatic battle between the two seasons, I feel very sorry for the beauty of the first fragile spring flowers bravely coming from the ground, which are certainly not welcomed by the unfriendly weather.

Beautiful purple buds of magnolia blossom on the still leafless branches that, as a rule, appear during the cold and rainy weather so common to the west coast. The fragile flowers are often severely bitten by rains and winds that rip them down. I hate the rain and wind that kills their beauty! I havenít taken a decent picture yet.

After the storm, silky petals and flowers make a colourful carpet on the green grass around the trees. I carefully gather still alive, wet flowers, bring them home and arrange them in a big bowl filled with water. Here, on my table, they can live a little longer.

The more trees blossom, the more victims I try to save. My next pick-up is a set of cherry and plum tree blossoms. There are many streets in New Westminster that are filled with blossoming trees. It is bittersweet to watch the result of a stormy night: all the ground and cars are covered by the most beautiful garbage I have ever seen Ė white and pink petals. They are pretty, but dangerously slippery for the pedestrians. They might also flow with the water and block the storm drains.

Very soon, spring will win the battle and sunny, warmer weather will take over. More flowers will appear in the gardens and parks, cheering us up. Unfortunately, my beloved blossoming season is a danger for my good friend who is allergic to the most of fragrant flowers. Enjoying the season, I canít forget that many people suffer from it.

As it happens in our life, even good things have their worst sides. Even spring, the season of new life, might make some unhappy.