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More than Enough?
by Kamaljeet; April 12, 2009



It was eleven o’clock in the morning, and the store was getting busy. I was working on the cash register. My customers were coming continuously.

An old lady, followed by an old man, (maybe her husband or friend) came to me, dropped her stuff at my till and started talking. “How are you today?” she asked.

I gave a smile and said, “I am fine. How are you today?”

“Well, I am still sleepy. Last night we went to a ladies’ party and we drank a lot, so now I have a hangover. I am used to drinking a cup of coffee at 10 a.m., but this morning I found we had run out of coffee.”

In between our conversation she said, “That is not mine. He should pay for it himself.”

The man behind her said, “Would you pay for it? I would give you cash, but I don’t have any today”

She said, “No! You can pay with your credit card.”

He said, “If I am going to use my card then I can bring my other stuff too,” and he went back into the store.

In between, I was looking at my other customers, trying to give them an apologetic smile. I finished with her. Instead of leaving, she waited for him and continued to bug me while standing by my checkout.

“He always loves to shop with my card. And at the end of the month, when I receive my credit card statement, he fights with me,” she said.

I looked at her with surprise. “But why?” I asked.

“He is cheap. He doesn’t want to spend his money,” she answered.

She said, “Instead of buying his own things, he uses mine. He drinks my liquor, borrows my car and tries to shop with my card. He always tries to save his money.”

Then the man came back with a few more things. I quickly finished ringing through his sale before he said something.

She held his hand and gave me a smile and went out. She was acting like she hadn’t said anything against him.

I took a deep breath and whispered, “Thank God she is gone; otherwise, I don’t know how much more personal information she would dump on me.”

I like friendly people, but there is a limit to everything. People don’t think dumping that much information can create problems for them. Rather than open people, I would like to attend wordless people.