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Rants and Raves

A Noble Doctor?
by Olivia

One of my teeth has been bugging me quite a lot lately. I don’t like seeing my dentist, but now I had to. The appointment is a big problem—he’s never been on time—and today was worse. An hour and fifteen minutes later, my dentist showed up with a grin.

“Hi Olivia, how are you doing today? I’ll be with you in a minute,” he said.

How long is your one minute? I’ve been here for 75 minutes!

He kept on checking his stylish watch. What’s that supposed to mean? Is it a joke? I hope not.

Listen, Noble Doctor! If you don’t know how to count, let me tell you that one minute is 60 seconds, period. You are a highly educated professional and must know that time is precious. I was crying in my heart.

But all I could do was wait—and wait some more. I was late picking my sister up from the airport. Damn you and your clinic!