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Pyramid of Society
by Andrew; May 3, 2008


The "Pyramid of Society" raises a problem that exists everywhere. Superior attitude, a human trait, can easily ignite conflict, especially when people come from different cultures and are often non-English speaking. In fact, the majority on the bottom should be respected, for nobody can stand on the top without the foundation. Anyone with a superior manner actually could be a trouble maker. I hope this article can remind those who have power, so Andrew's article is my choice for publication—Suzanne; Writing 12 Student

“I am busy. You come back later.”

This over-weight, arrogant manager turns me down in an extremely cold voice, without even looking at me.

This happens on my pay day in manager’s office, where I am supposed to pick up my pay stub. The reason it happens is that I don’t perfectly catch this bullet-speed-talk-style manager’s question, which makes our less-than-five-minute encounter a waste of his precious time.

It’s definitely not fair.

I am aware that the higher academic background and the more local working experience a person has, the higher level he will be in the pyramid of the society; however, that doesn’t give a ruler the right to treat his subordinate in this way.

The wide range of the bottom of the pyramid is filled with devoted and hard working people who deserve not to be treated like nothing but cheap labour. The so-called upper class tend to be superior to others and seldom show their respect. Of course, a seemingly-friendly hello doesn’t equal the acknowledgement of value.

Some people believe in elitism and say the current society is well run by a few talented, wealthy and powerful “elites." But in my eyes most of them are by no means better than cold and small-minded animals in a modern jungle.

Being an immigrant without native-style English just makes my situation even worse. But this impact won’t stop me from working diligently and studying hard. Still, I really hope those on the top of pyramid would change their attitudes one day.

At least, I myself would never behave like this, if in the future I could be sitting in the comfortable leather chair of my private office, NEVER!