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A Word About Virginia Tech
by Stacey

All of us have been affected by the tragedy of Virginia Tech. I watched the news, along with the rest of the world that day. I was in shock. I was disgusted. I was heartbroken. All of those people just gone. I wondered where God was and how could he let something like this happen?

I belong to a blog site called Face Box. A surprising number seemed able to remove their emotions from the situation. They chalked it up to just that much more bull in the world. Someone told me it wasnít the first school massacre and it wouldnít be the last. It made me physically ill. Folks acted like it was just another day in the world. I cried that night for the students and faculty who perished, for family members left behind and for the world at large.

Have we been exposed to so much atrocity that weíre immune to human suffering? I think of the parents who lost their children and the children who lost their parents. I think of how I might feel were I to lose something so precious. I donít know if I would ever get out of bed again. There are others out there that feel nothing.

Iím disgusted, disheartened, disillusioned and dumbfounded. Monday, April 16th, in the year 2007 was anything but just another day. People died and I feel the loss. I didnít know any of them personally, but Iím a human being and capable of empathy. For those that would call that day, just another day: hope and pray that you never have to endure what you feel so little for. Karma visits all of us.