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Always Waiting
by Renee; July 19, 2008


In "Always Waiting" Renee brings us a familiar problem: long waits at the doctor's office —Brad; Writing 12 Teacher

I can’t avoid seeing my family doctor since I am pregnant. However, each appointment makes me crazy, because I have to wait for her at least one to two hours and then there are only few minutes to talk to her.

After several appointments, I gradually figured out that she has gotten used to making three appointments at one time. That’s why she is always extremely busy.

One time, I spent one hour taking the bus to arrive at her office on time. Then, I spent an hour and thirty minutes waiting. Was it my turn? No, right before my time, she got an emergent call from the hospital and rushed out.

“Oh, my God.” I sighed deeply.

“When will she come back?” Another woman asked her assistant desperately.

“Please, calm down. I don’t know the exact time that she will come back. Last time, she came back two hours later. “ her assistant murmured.

I understand a doctor’s time is precious, but how about ours? Who could think about our feelings? Especially, when we are sick and have to see the doctor. Doctor has her schedule, so have we.

Eventually, it took me two more hours waiting for her to come back. How "lucky" I was!

I have to accept the current situation, for my knowledge of English medical terms is restricted and I can barely communicate with an English-speaker doctor clearly and fluently. Therefore, all I can do is waiting and waiting.