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A Philosophy of Romance
by James

Beginning Romance

Romance is often a mystery, but in its pursuit you can find joy and make great memories. Keep an open mind, be attentive and innovative as you explore the excitement of a new romance, or the fulfillment of renewing an old flame.

Prepare for Romance

If you are looking for romance, do just that. Observe romance found in Shakespeare or modern novels. Learn from the experiences of others.

Get to know your surroundings and pick places that have attractive scenery. Have a conversation with your interest before the date to help you pick the right activity. Is she the type of woman that likes dinner out, or is he the man who likes to take walks on the beach?

The Date

Once youíve found the perfect place or activity for the date, it must still go smoothly.

Be a good listener, smile and answer any questions with a story of your own. Hopefully, a little help from Shakespeare and the movies will have given you a keen eye for romance and will allow you to have the conversation needed to form a connection.

Take it slow and get to know your date. Donít pressure the person by revealing your secrets right away; make sure your conversation is appropriate. Keep past relationships in the past.

Avoid passing judgment

Keep an open mind as you explore romance, be it at home with a book or out with a date, and resist the urge to judge. Your mind could be bursting with ideas on how to fix a romance, but often times, a romance between people is inscrutable.

Tip for married folks: Is your wife upset after dinner while thereís hockey on? Try cleaning up the kitchen, putting the dishes away, and give the kitchen floor a once over, missing hockey to do so.