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Speedy Cooking

Green Onion and Seafood Pancakes

Last Sunday it rained cats and dogs. On a rainy day I prefer to stay home and enjoy listening to the rain drops on my window. Easily, I recollected the old days and the green onion and seafood pancake that my mother used to cook on a rainy day.

The green onion and seafood pancake is well harmonized with a rainy day. I open the refrigerator and collect some vegetables, frozen shrimp, seafood mix, and pancake mix; flour and seasoning such as garlic powder, black pepper powder, salt, and baking powder. The dish will be a perfect light meal for a boring, rainy afternoon.

Ingredients (for 4 persons)

2C pancake mix
3-4 green onion
30g shrimp (frozen)
50g seafood mix or oyster, squid (frozen)
1 small onion
3-4 mushrooms
100-150g zucchini
1 egg
1.5-2C water
Salad oil (any kind )
Sauce for dip; 2T soybean sauce, 1/2T vinegar, sesame, lemon slice


1. Pour the pancake mix into a big bowl, add some water, make batter just like a little bit more dense than hot cake batter.
2. Slice vegetables finely, cut the seafood.
3. Mix the egg, vegetables, and seafood with the batter.
4. Add 1-2T salad oil into the preheated pan, spread 1-2 ladles of the batter. 2 minutes later, turn it over.

* you like hot taste, mix chopped red pepper with the batter.
* If you like cheese flavor, sprinkle with grated Mozzarella cheese on the pancake just after cooking.
* You can find the pancake mix at the TNT or Korean market; however, you can use flour instead of the mix.