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Speedy Cooking

Tteokbokyi (Korean spicy rice cake)
by Esther


*Store bought rice cake.—200 grams or 1 box.
*Carrot—30 grams.
*Shiitake mushroom—2.
*Green pepper & red pepper—1 each.
*Vegetable oil & sesame oil—a little bit.

*Chipotle paste & jalapeno pepper—1 tablespoon, or \ to your preference.
*Seasoned rice wine & sugar— a tablespoon.
*Chicken stock—3 tablespoons.
*Sesame seed, black pepper, & sesame seed oil—a little bit.


1. Put chicken stock into a wok with 200 grams of rice cake –if the rice cake is hard, take it out of the fridge before cooking, until it’s soft.

2. Chop ingredients beforehand and set it on high with vegetable oil.

3. When the chicken stock is reduced, and when the rice cake is smooth, turn it down to medium or medium high, put chipotle paste and jalapeno pepper into the wok and stir them until it’s well distributed.

4. Put chopped ingredients and seasoned rice wine and sugar to the wok, as to your preference.

5. When it’s done, turn it down to low, and put the sesame oil, black pepper into the wok.

6. Place them on a plate, sprinkle some sesame seeds, and enjoy Tteokbokyi!