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The Game of Snooker
by Suzanne


 "Join the ladies for a game of snooker. Beginners are most welcome,----." read the sign at Dogwood Pavilion, a senior center. I was attracted by this bulletin and decided to explore this activity four years ago.

At the start, I made poor shots. I got disappointed when players avoided playing with me. Then I resolved to improve my skill by practicing daily.

Later, I have not only been satisfied with my improvement when I beat more skillful players, but I have also learned a practical philosophy: everyone has to learn from mistakes. No matter how talented are the skillful players , they still need to learn from experience.

After two years of practice, I won a runner-up game in the annual competition at the Dogwood Pavilion. Now I have become an enthusiastic player.

So, ladies, try snooker and accomplish something.