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Yoga Saved My Life
by Suzanne

Yoga saved my life and it has since become my career. It has given me good health, confidence in life and energy. For health reason, I donít want to stop doing Yoga.

My story started from an aerobic exercise that was initiated by the womenís association in Taiwan 33 years ago. As one of the administrators of the association, I tried my best to help established the class and was also an earnest participant in the class.

Aerobic Class Replaced by Yoga

Later on, my teacher changed the aerobic course to Yoga because the adultís muscles were too stiff to have good posture. Many of the students gave up the course, but not me. I became the only persistent student. I was often asked to demonstrate in the class. My teacher always complimented me in public that encouraged me a lot.

Yoga's Personal Benefits

After I have practiced Yoga, I am always full of energy, which builds up my confidence in studying many things and participating in various activities. The most important thing is that my illnesses had gone away, such as, migraine, stomach ache, motion sickness, and menstrual problems. The most serious disease was stomach ache that had been bothering me like a bomb in my body ready to explode since I was a kid. Since Yoga gives me so many benefits, I become an enthusiastic participant.

A Career in Yoga

One day, one of my friends recommended me to teach Yoga in the Social Education Hall in Hshin Chu City in Taiwan. At an accidental visit, she saw my postures while I was practicing. I just intended to try one class, but it developed into many classes. Many of my students have followed me since I started my class. I even didnít have any time for my vacation during the time I was teaching in Taiwan. Since then, Yoga has become my career.

The True Cause of Gastrointestinal Problems

My gastrointestinal disorder was actually caused by an anomalous bile duct which is as huge as a sack and a shrunken junction between bile duct and duodenum. I had received the wrong treatment for the stomach disease because my doctors had never figured out the real problem. Later, the modern technology, ultrasound, benefited me. My doctor was able to diagnose that I was born with a huge bile duct that would accumulate impurities in the gall liquid to form stones.

Astonishing Results

During the 16 years that I have practiced Yoga, my stomach ache has disappeared. However, the stones constantly grew until they had grown too much; some stones even piled up in my liver. When I had an operation in the hospital, I found many of the patients like me had lost their lives, because the gall liquid was blocked by stones, and then detoured its path to the pancreas. I was frightened because my situation was more serious than anyone else's there.

Accidental Healing

Yoga benefited me by accident. It reminded me I have done a headstand everyday so that the liquid went back into the bile duct instead of the pancreas. And also, I did the Yoga special remedy that cleaned my stomach whenever I couldnít endure the pain. Later, I realized that my gall bladder wouldnít compress the gall out of it when my stomach was empty. I am appreciative that all these good things happened to save my life.

Yoga saved my life, and it has made me full of energy and benefits me very much. I couldnít stop doing Yoga.