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The Pearson Buzz is an online student newspaper centering on life and school activities. The Writing 12 class of 2010 to 2011, a multi-cultural group of adult students attending Pearson Adult Learning Centre, published the paper during the regular school year. Now, stories come from students attending the Pearson ALC during the regular school year.

sNarrative Essay: A Late Apology
by Mei; June 30, 2016
While living in Libya, Mei met and befriended an old Berber woman. This is a sad story of suspicion and regret that is well worth reading. Read the story

sNarrative Essay: Dream. Believe. Dare. Do.
by Anonymous; May 26, 2016
Written by a former English 12 student, the essay speaks to young girls' insecurities and how they can be overcome. Read the story

sMemoir: The Beauty in Life
by Lillian; May 5, 2016
Lillian, following a model by Canadian poet Patrick Lane, writes a beautiful memoir of compassion and hope in the face of hardship. Read the story

sMemoir: The Hidden Danger
by Jovie; April 14, 2016
Jovie remembers her country, The Phillipines, and her rage at the cruel nature of hurricanes. Read the story

sFinding Beauty: An Inspiring Old Lady
by Salia; March 31, 2016
As a young girl in Afghanistan, Salia encounters a lady who has inspired and helped her to adjust to a new life in Canada. Read the story


Finding Beauty: The Tzu Chi Foundation
by Ginnie; March 1, 2016
Ginnie brings us the story of a simple idea, a bamboo "bank," which helps others in times of need. Read the story


Who is Enraged? (Memoir)
by Rachel; February 11, 2016
Rachel finds room in her heart for the wild creatures in the city. But first she gets mad at a raccoon digging up her back yard lawn! Read the story


The Chipmunks (Memoir)
by Fahimeh; January 5, 2016
A rainstorm and a flat tire derails Fahimeh's holiday journey but, fortunately, leads her to a beautiful and longlasting appreciation of a beautiful place. Read the story


Finding Beauty (Memoir)
by Emma; December 3, 2015
Emma's experience in the Beijing subway changed her life. Following a model memoir by Canadian poet, Patrick Lane, Emma creates a new piece of writing to tell her own story. Read the story


An Unforgettable Teacher
by Yan; November 13, 2015
Yan writes of Mr. Wu, a student teacher who influenced her decision to become a teacher. Read the story


The 40 Year Old Suit
by Debbie; October 22, 2015
A story of hope and loss, Debbie, through her grandfather's experience, shows us the pain of her divided country, Korea. Read the story


 Eagle at Rest
by Lillian; September 22, 2015
Lillian's narrative essay brings her influential character to life. Interesting and heartfelt, the essay is well worth your time. Read the story


Learning to Love my Son
by Inna; September 10, 2015
Inna's honesty about becoming a mother is refreshing and interesting. Written as a three-part narrative, her essay is well worth reading. Read the story


 I Am My Brother's Keeper
by Gemma; June 14, 2015
Gemma's story demonstrates for us the importance of  love and patience in the face of adversity. Read the story

motherBeauty in My Life
by Shawna; May 3, 2015

Shawna finds beauty while working at her first job in Canada. Read the story

motherThe Bridge
by Jenn; April 5, 2015

Jenn recalls her childhood adventures while walking on forest roads with a dear friend. Read the story

motherInner Beauty: A "Yogoir"
by Selena; March 4, 2015

Selena reflects on the beauty in life that she has found in the practice of Yoga. Read the story

motherThe Monster on the Trail
by John; February 2, 2015

John recounts a tale of childhood adventures near his home. Includes an introduction by the teacher. Read the story

motherA Scam Phone Call
by Tiffany; January 6, 2015

Tiffany's story provides a timely reminder to be careful about calls and messages that aim to steal money from individuals. Read the story

motherWork for your Living; Live for your Interest

by Maple; December 2, 2014
Maple writes about Mark, her first building manager in Canada, and how he helped her and her family feel welcome in this country.
 Read the story

bentoMy Mother
by Michael; March 2, 2014
Michael learns a valuable lesson about respecting others despite their differences.  Read the story


Reflecting on Beauty: The Flowers of Life
by Inna; January 26, 2014
Inna brings us a beautiful memoir on becoming a mother.  Read the story

bentoLuck or Destiny?!
by Cristian; November 10, 2013
A chance meeting changes Cristian's life forever.  Read the story

bentoThank You, Kaethe!
by Bibiana; October 13, 2013
Bibiana writes of meeting an old lady whose interesting ideas about healthy living have affected her deeply.  Read the story

bentoMy Life Gift
by Geena; September 15, 2013
Geena brings us a charming story about her daughter's positive influence on her life. Read the story

bentoTakeuchi-A Japanese Volunteer Teacher
by Jennie; August 19, 2013
Jennie learns a new culture and gains a new friend for life. Read the story

injaA Mistake and A Good Friend
by Inja; June 2, 2013
Inja has an embarrassing experience in a foreign culture that, fortunately, leads to a good friendship. Read the story

manilaValeria's Black Square
by Alexey; September 10, 2012
Alexey helps us to understand the importance of Valeria in his life. Read the story

PALC—My English CradleMy Father's Bicycle
by Li Chen; June 17, 2012

Li Chen's essay is a wonderful tribute to an influential man, his father.  Read the story


Adventure in Bangkok
by Tiffany, January 22, 2012
Tiffany and her family have an interesting adventure on the streets of Bangkok.   Read the story


The Running Shoes
by Dasha, November 21, 2011
Dasha tells a compelling tale of courage in the face of tragedy.   Read the story


The Old Banyan Tree
by Tiffany, October 2, 2011
Tiffany remembers a tree important to her childhood in Taiwan.   Read the story


Grandpa's Shoes
by Anonymous, September 12, 2011
A PALC student remembers the influence of his grandpa on his life in this charming and heartfelt piece.   Read the story


Her Smile
by Darija, July 31, 2011
Darija's heartfelt story shows us the power of a smile from a stranger.   Read the story


Visiting Cuernavaca, The Real Mexico
by Elaine, July 10, 2011
Elaine brings the unique culture of Cuernavarca Mexico to life.   Read the story


Being a Student at PALC: Teachers and the Lab
by Maria, June 5, 2011
Maria explains how our classes and lab work to create a favourable student experience.  Read the story


A "Green Tea" Teacher
by Linda, May 29, 2011
Linda writes about a favourite PALC teacher.  Read the story

naivetyShaking My Naivety
by Naoko, April 25, 2011
Naoko relates an intriguing story on being a photojournalist during a 2003 earthquake in northern Japan.  Read the story

betsyMy Cool Uncle
by Linda, April 18, 2011
Linda's story about her artistic uncle teaches a valuable lesson about living a simple life.  Read the story

betsyA Gift from Aunt Betsy
by Elaine, April 10, 2011
Elaine's story about Aunt Betsy brings a fictional character vividly to life.  Read the story

lighthouseAn Incredible Tale of Survival
by Marco, April 3, 2011
Marco reviews the excellent film, 127 Hours.  Read the review

lighthouseMaking the Study of Law Fun
by Linda, March 13, 2011
Linda informs us of two TV series that can help any student make the study of law fun.  Read the article

recipeTteokbokyi (Korean spicy rice cake)
by Esther; March 13, 2011
A spicy snack enjoyed in Korea. Try it if you dare!  Read the recipe

recipeChicken and Pork Adobo
by Maria; March 13, 2011
A hearty dish from the Phillipines. Try it and see!   Read the recipe

lighthouseLighthouse Magic
by Margareta; February 27, 2011
Margareta tells us a tale of a daring rescue.  Read the story

compsafetyLosing a Friend—Twice
by Marco; February 6, 2011
Marco recounts a sad tale of friendship and loss.  Read the story

compsafetyBe Aware of Internet Addiction
by Sophie; January 23, 2011
Sophie writes persuasively about the dangers of internet addiction.  Read the story

moneyhuntersTravelling in the Painting
by Sophie; November 8, 2010
Sophie dreams of going back in time to the Song Dynasty, inspired by Zhang Zeduan's famous painting, "Along the River During the Qinming Festival."  Read the story

moneyhuntersMoney Hunters
by Susan; October 17, 2010
Susan recounts the interesting events that happened on her visit to Luoyang, home of the famous Shaolin Temple.  Read the story


tokyoWhat I See in Tokyoites
by Tiffany; September 19, 2010
Tiffany gives us a lively account of the unique cultural landscape of Tokyo.  Read the story


Looking Out a Very Small WindowLooking Out a Very Small Window
by Kay; May 2, 2010
Kay writes on the various kinds of characters to be seen from a basement window.  Read the story


Powerful Blood TiesPowerful Blood Ties
by Rosemary; April 26, 2010
Rosemary recounts the tale of her brother's death on Christmas eve.  Read the story


Home, Sweet HomeHome, Sweet Home
by Rita; March 14, 2010
Rita's terrifying experience of the Kobe earthquake in 1995 leads her to a new appreciation of home.  Read the story



Remembering the FollyRemembering the Folly
by Maryann; February 21, 2010
Maryann remembers a fateful meeting with a good friend and regrets her actions that day.  Read the story



The Railroad Man: A New Journey
by Marc; February 7, 2010
Marc writes of the death of the "backbone of his life," his father.  Read the story

Disguised DonorsDisguised Donors
by Jatinder; January 24, 2010
In the aftermath of monsoon floods, Jatinder discovers that not all is what it seems on first glance.  Read the story


Visiting Laoshan MountainVisiting Laoshan Mountain
by Hongxin; May 18, 2009
Hongxin tells an engrossing tale of climbing Laoshan Mountain and visiting its Taoism Abbey.  Read the story


A Pleasant Teacher: PaulA Pleasant Teacher: Paul
by Kamaljeet; April 27, 2009
Kamaljeet introduces us to Paul, a teacher working in our evening program.  Read the story


Lies that Can't be ProvenLies that Can't be Proven
by Makassia; April 20, 2009
A lie gets a young woman into big trouble!  Read the story


The Newly Rich MushroomThe Newly-Rich Mushroom
by Beatrice; April 20, 2009
A trip to the "antique" market doesn't quite turn out as planned!  Read the story

Not the Biggest Rain EverNot the Biggest Rain Ever
by Frank; April 20, 2009
 But big enough to cause a lot of trouble!  Read the story

Old Hometown - ManilaOld Hometown - Manila
by Marc; April 12, 2009
 Marc writes about a joyous childhood in Manila and then updates us on the devastating changes to his home town.  Read the story


Keep Away from the CrowKeep Away from the Crow
by Hongxin; April 12, 2009
 Hongxin explains Chinese beliefs and idioms related to the crow.  Read the story

More than EnoughMore than Enough
by Kamaljeet; April 12, 2009
Kamaljeet relates the tale of an over-talkative customer.  Read the story



Old Hometown - ShanghaiOld Hometown - Shanghai
by Eve; April 5, 2009
 Eve recalls her early years in old Shanghai, before it grew into the city it is today.  Read the story


A Walking JokeA Walking Joke
by Zarghoona; April 5, 2009
 Zarghoona writes about the importance of understanding idiom, and the bad results if you don't!  Read the story

Anberlin: Meaningful MusicAnberlin: Meaningful Music
by Chris; April 5, 2009
Chris introduces us to a favourite band.  Read the story


Choosing Love Over DeathChoosing Love Over Death
by Makassia; March 30, 2009
 Want to read something romantic and scary at the same time? Read the story


War; The Answer to a Global Crisis?War; The Answer to a Global Crisis?
by Marc; March 30, 2009
 In Marc's story, a crazy old man rants about war. Should we believe him? Read the story

The Cubic LifeThe Cubic Life
by Beatrice; March 21, 2009
Beatrice's piece chronicles the life of Lily, a rebellious girl growing up in China, who later emigrates to Canada.  Read the story


Addicted to Oil? Let's Be Realistic"Addicted" to Oil? Let's Be Realistic
by Eve; March 9, 2009
 Eve writes an impassioned response to her teacher's essay on his addiction to oil.  Read the story

The Value of Regular Writing PracticeThe Value of Regular Writing Practice
by Brad; March 1, 2009
 Brad writes on how he helps his students to become better writers.  Read the story

Raising the Driving AgeRaising the Driving Age
by Makassia; February 1, 2009
 Makassia presents a strong argument for raising the legal driving age.  Read the story

No Man's LandA Film with Impact: No Man's Land
by Phoebe; January 12, 2009
 Phoebe gives an account of the connection between the film and her real-life experience in Eastern Europe.  Read the story


The Impending Danger that Awaits UsThe Impending Danger that Awaits Us
by Genel; December 16, 2008
 Genel's essay was chosen because it is persuasive and has lots of scientific details and evidence that are supportive and provable.  Read the story


Modern Women's Unhealthy BeautyModern Women's Unhealthy Beauty
by Andrea; December 7, 2008
 Andrea's essay takes a new look at women’s beauty issues. The essay is well-organized, clear in language, and full of scientific and supportive evidence.  Read the story




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